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Water Resources Program

Annual Consumer confidence Report is available for viewing.
The Consumer confidence Report (CCR) is an annual report reviewing your drinking water quality. Included are details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies. They are posted at all community bulletin boars, at the Tribal Office and available for viewing here on the website. If you have any questions please contact me at 643-8314.

Thanks, Meghann Olson.
Six Mile and Steamboat Village Report

General Statement of Duties

Develops and administers the Kaibab Paiute Tribe's Water Resource Program. Responsible for the oversight of both Kaibab Public Water System serving Kaibab, Juniper and Red Hills, and the Steamboat Public Water System(served by the Town of Fredonia.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Perform all water quality tests for the culinary water system as required by EPA
  • Continue to remain in compliance with all regulations and standards set by the EPA for both the Kaibab and Steamboat Public Water Systems
  • Ensure quality water is being served to all residents
  • Keep records of water usage, well usage, aquifer static and drawdown levels, tank levels, and identify any leaks or problems with the water system
  • Work closely with other tribal departments to ensure system runs smoothly with minimal problems to maintain continuous delivery of water to residents without interruption
  • Work with local and regional organizations including the National Park Service, ITCA, Indian Health Services and the town of Fredonia
  • Make upgrades as needed and organize maintenance to be completed on system (tank cleaning, pipe replacement, etc)
  • Maintain wellhouse and ensure proper chlorine dosage going into the water system
  • Notify residents of any problems or issues concerning their drinking water
  • Seek out funding for projects relating to water resources, and investigate other water development possibilities
  • Develop and promote a water conservation program "Every Drop Counts"
  • Quarterly newsletter to all residents called "Pipeline"
  • Investigate any customer complaints concerning water quality
Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • Conduct presentations during community events about the Kaibab Paiute Tribe's water resources and other issues concerning drinking water
  • Attend meetings, trainings and conferences concerning water resources and public water system operation and maintenance
Water System Capacity Project

Map entire public water and sewage systems so the Tribe has up to date maps using GPS.

Special Qualifications

  • Certified Water Operator Level 1 - Distribution
  • Certified Water Operator Level 1 - Treatment

Contact Information

Director: Meghann Olson
Phone: (928)643-8314
Fax: (928)643-7260