Community Environmental Education & Outreach

Environmental Youth Outreach Program

Our environmental youth outreach program has been going strong for 9 great years. We started our very first activity on January 22, 1999 working with age’s 5-14 in one big group. Since then our program is the longest running youth base outreach program in Tribal history. Our activities have always been held once a month and we average 10 to 15 youth at each activity.  In the past two year we have had to split them into two different age categories 5 to 8 and 9 to 14 because of the skill level of the older youth. We also consult other Tribal programs on how to get the youth more active in there program. We teach basic environmental science concepts throw exiting games and hands on activities where the youth get a since of accomplishments at the end of each activity as well as a snack or two. We also take field trips too different sites on and off the reservation learning about the different areas culturally, environmentally and just to give the youth an awareness of where they are at in this big world.  We are only a few hours drive from about 4 or 5 different state and federal parks and monuments along the Arizona Strip and the Grand Canyon being the closest and most pristine and only 1 hour’s drive south of the reservation!

Youth Outreach Pictures