Small Recycling Project

Our recycling program started in March of 2004 and is still ongoing to this day about 4 years. We began this project by receiving a flier from a local recycling company (Blue Sky Recycling Services) in St. George Utah which is about 1 hour drive west of the reservation (keep in mind we are in Arizona) and for us this is considered local because we are so remote and isolated.  We negotiated a good deal with this company and they drive all the way out here to collect from us twice a month.

We have been concentrating on four items to recycle; Paper, Plastics, Aluminum cans, and Cardboard boxes. These four items are easy to transport and collect.

We have four main villages that we collect from every Monday morning. We asked 3 residents from each village to participate and provided them with one medium sized bin. The first two months we had to remind them to recycle by posting fliers on there door and just reminding them when ever we see them at the local gas station or when they came into the tribal office. We no longer have to remind them and a few residents stated that if it was not for there children reminding them they probably would not recycle cause they are so used to just throwing things into the trash. Another great thing was a few residents that did not want too participate any longer gave there bins to other interested family members and then contacted our program on what they did. 

Composting was another recycle method chose we gave to the participant of the recycle program which started about 2 years ago. Only a few people put compost-able material in a separate bag. The Compost-able materials are anything organic and we gather there small bags full and take them to the compost area down by the community park.

We hand out the finished product at our annual spring celebration.

Kaibab Early Learning Center and Chevron Recycling Project

How to start Composting