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Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Dept.

The Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians first created the Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Department in the early 1990’s it was first funded by surplus monies from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Department, Washington D.C. the Tribe had to apply every year for the funding. Before this time all Wildlife matters was handled by the Tribal Police under a PL-638 Contract. Then on October 4, 1996 the Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Ordinance was enacted by the Tribal Council and the next year 1997 this Department went under the Consolidated PL-638 program under the BIA. By creating the Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Ordinance #08-96 the Tribe provide for:
  1. Providing for appointment of a Director and Employees, Organization, Duties and Powers;
  2. Providing for General Management of all Big Game Wildlife and Setting up rules and regulations for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities on the Reservation;
  3. Providing for a source of income to the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians and its members;
  4. Providing for the establishment of Seasons, Guide Requirements, Penalties, License Requirements, Prohibited Acts, and Definitions;
  5. Providing for review and revision of this Ordinance;
  6. Creating a Wildlife and Conservation Fund and providing control thereof;
  7. Authorizing Collections of Wildlife specimens by the Department;
  8. Providing for Enforcement of this Ordinance;
  9. Providing for General Habitat Management for Big Game and all Wildlife on the Reservation;
  10. Promote Cultural, Traditional, Customs and Spiritual Values of all living things with interaction between the Department and Tribal Members;
Statement of Policy and Legislative intent: Recognizing the Tribe’s Sovereign Right to govern its Wildlife Resource, and also recognizing the Spiritual, Cultural and Economic value of the Wildlife Resources its use by its members and all others, the Tribal Council, recognizes those resources are irreplaceable Tribal Assets and that unregulated use of the Wildlife Resources of the Tribe would threaten the Political Integrity, Economic Security, Spiritual, Cultural, Health and Welfare of the Tribe, hereby ensuring proper management of these vital resources.

The Tribe intends that Tribal Members and their spouses shall be afforded the greatest possible freedom to use and enjoy these resources consistent with the Preservations and improvement of these resources for future generations. To preserve the Indian respect for life in all forms and to perpetuate this attitude, both in Traditional Manner of hunting, fish and game and the approach to conservation of these most precious resources. For permitting limited access and use to Non-Members of the Wildlife Resources and that the access and use of the Reservation by Non-Tribal Members be managed for the Social and Economic benefit of the Tribal as a whole. Recognizing the Tribe’s Tradition of using Restitution as a remedy for Injustices, the Tribal Council hereby declares that this Ordinance is CIVIL in nature and that restitution shall be the primary remedy for any violation, except in regards to Indians, Criminal Sanctions may also be imposed in cases where this Ordinance so provides.

This Ordinance applies to all persons residing, doing business, visiting or otherwise found within the Boundaries of the Kaibab Indian Reservation, and to all Wildlife and other Natural Resources within those Boundaries, including Wildlife that is Resident, Migratory, Native or Introduced.

This Ordinance was revised and updated by the Tribal Council in its February 17, 2010 regular Tribal Council Meeting it provided for updating old laws and adding new ones which strengthened the Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Ordinance.

As you read through the Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks section of the Tribes website and you have questions please feel free to call me or email me during regular business hours, if I am not in leave a massage and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank You, Danny Bulletts, Jr., Director