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Kaibab Paiute Water Quality Program

The Tribe received the Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 106 Grant funding from the U.S. EPA starting in 2004 to initiate the Water Quality Program. The purpose of the CWA 106 Water Pollution Control Program is to assist tribes to develop institutional capacity to administer water quality programs and protect natural resources.

The first major task of the program was to develop a quality assurance project plan to guide the water monitoring effort on the reservation. This plan was finished and approved by the U.S. EPA and the Tribe in the spring of 2006. Water monitoring was then initiated at eight sites around the reservation. Field parameters including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, and turbidity are measured at every monitoring occurrence and samples are periodically collected and sent to a laboratory for more in depth analysis including ions, nutrients, and a suite of metals.

In addition to water monitoring the Water Quality Program has partnered with the Environmental Program to provide community environmental education and outreach. Monthly youth activities are conducted to give students a better understanding of the water cycle and related water quality issues as well as summer field trips and camps. The program helped to start the annual Spring Celebration, a one day event to encourage tribal members to garden in a sustainable manner. We also regularly submit articles to the Tribal Newsletter Smoke Signals.

In 2009 the Tribe became eligible to receive funding under the CWA 319 Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Control Program.The purpose of this grant is to assist tribes to develop and implement polluted runoff control programs that address critical water quality concerns. NPS is defined as rainfall, snowmelt, or irrigation that runs over land or through the ground, picks up pollutants, and deposits them into rivers, lakes, oceans, or groundwater. Grant funding is expected to begin in October of 2010.

Sarah performs a stream assesment

Rainbow trout in the pond

Fishing at the derby

Fishing at the derby

Youth test water quality at Paria River

Trout Being Released into the pond

Two Mile Wash

Ducks on Two Mile Wash

Youth Monitor Joe's Mudhole at the North Kaibab Forest

Youth help clean up the fishing pond