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Bioterrorism Emergency Preparedness Program

Note: funded by the Center for Disease Control(CDC) through the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)

General Statement of Duties

Part-Time position responsible for maintaining a Tribal Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program, overseeing all grant related activities, budgets, and reports. Included in program is taking an all-hazards emergency preparedness approach.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain and manage the Tribal Bioterrorism Program following grant guidelines and deliverables.
  • Attend all quarterly public health preparedness region committee meetings and conferences calls held in the Tribe’s region.
  • Develop a Tribal Volunteer Coordination Plan. The plan will include the establishment of a Tribal Volunteer group. Ensure that all volunteers are in compliance with NIMS requirements.
  • Participate in all statewide/regional/Tribal emergency response exercises and table-top exercises.
  • Continue with Incident Command training for emergency response personnel, Tribal staff and Community members.
  • Complete budgets, semi-annual and annual reports and submit to ADHS
  • Financial Reporting – Submit all Contractor Expense Reports to ADHS through the Tribal Finance Department.
Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • Help develop and complete the Tribal Hazardous Material Emergency Response Plan and Community Evacuation Plan.
  • Develop a Tribal All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan
  • Hold staff and community emergency management trainings
  • Conduct exercise specific to Tribal needs in conjunction with ADHS and ITCA

Contact Information

Director: Meghann Olson
Phone: (928)643-8314
Fax: (928)643-7260